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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  December 17, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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arthel: well, the crisis at the southern border arthel: the crisis that our southern border expected to spiral further out of control for days with title 42 subtle limits are lifted. huge number of migrants now lining up waiting to cross into the u.s. hello everyone i'm arthel arthel neville welcome to "fox news live". so i am brian in for eric shawn. the expected to expire wednesday border agents are seeing a surgeon some the busiest sectors
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in el paso migrants are camping out on the streets putting even more pressure on overwhelmed shelters. arthel: fox news team encourage lucas tomlinson will divide administration plans for the looming surge. first bill melugin at ground zero of this crisis but he is light at the border in eagle pass, texas, bill. >> arthel good afternoon to you that's exactly right. because of the consistency here. every single morning we are getting multiple large groups crossing illegally. this morning was no different. take a look at this video are drone team shot earlier just after sunrise is very chilly at her in mornings were pushing into mid-to-late december to the border patrol had to get these migrant space blankets is an effort to keep them warm almost all of them single adults from countries like cuba, nicaragua and colombia.
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we are seeing very few little kids or family units like we were last year. that is not the only group today we had an even bigger one earlier in the morning take a look at the second piece of video before the sun was even up this is a group of 280 that a christ illegally. this sector has been getting absently hammered in recent weeks and months. just as october 1 this has over one to 15000 illegal crossings their number is up 55% over the same time last year as they continue to get groups like this day in and day out multiple times all over the sector. we'll take it out to border patrol el paso where to convicted offenders they caught crossing illegally both from guatemala. both of previously convicted of crimes in the state of california. they are now both charged with illegal reentry into the united states free at last they will switch it up and take it to the northern border. believe it or not this is in vermont are border patrol
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arrested five mexican nationals who crossed into vermont from canada. one of the guys had been previously deported two times in 2016. that sector in vermont reports so far it since october their numbers are up nine times what they were at the same time last year highlighting this is happening all over the united states border. to back out, border patrol also reported that rio grande valley to illegal immigrants had murder convictions including one of whom was convicted for murdering a peace officer in los angeles. that right there is why it is so concerning when 73000 know god was her border last month alone will send it back to you. >> cannot imagine what the people there who live and the residents of eagle pass, texas how they are feeling great thank you bill, brian protects a lot of migrants view right across in eagle pass as a safe haven which
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is why that is ground zero, bill great job as always. the white house is insisting and ending title 42 does not mean the border is open. that, despite what critics say it does have a plan to safely and humanely manage asylum-seekers to cross into the u.s. and mexico. lucas they have known this is going to happen but do they say now? >> would not be extended dealing a blow to many lawmakers and some here they hoping it will be extended coming into united states as title 42 will end on wednesday for the white house reacting last night the statements" be clear the lifting of title 42 public health order does not mean the border is open. anyone who suggests otherwise spreading misinformation to make a quick buck off of vulnerable
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migrants. not all democrats agreed the white house for 700 choir's 20th districts covers a large swath of texas has seen a problem with the migration verse and his constituency it every day he says. the border is not close contradiction to the white ho house. >> the border is open. once title 42 goes away, i've been told there's more than 50000 people and more counting that are waiting for this to go away so they can come in into the united states. i would tell you that next week is going to be very challenging and very chaotic. >> texas attorney general with the following warning about wednesday. >> we have never been given information about a plan. i do not suspect was going to get won this time. i'm very suspicious of any so-called plan they have not shared with the border states. obviously it affects us on a daily basis with five, six, 7000 people a day crossing the
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border. >> critics say title 42 is not extended the number of migrants coming to the southern border will double, brian. >> unbelievable lucas live at the white house lucas thank you. looks brian and lucas is not just large groups of a migrants are flooding into the u.s. cartels are funneling in massive amounts of deadly sentinel as well. some of the busiest drug trafficking centers isn't to want to, mexico in fact. lesson 5 miles of the border over the border is just 20 miles from san diego for as many of you know for customs and border protection saying more than half of offense and sees on the southern border in the san diego region were killed more than 800 people last year. that is up from 92 in 2018 a spring in derek's former dea special operations director. first of all, derek if you would, how would you quantify the success rate keeping this
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deadly drug out of our country. >> my hat goes off to the brave men and women border patrol, dea fbi homeland security and the police around america. right now tijuana is like a war zone. 2000 homicides they support hugs and for thugs not bullets too soft on crime failing miserably just like in many u.s. cities. >> let me jump in on that on the point you're making their prey there is no controlling the cartel and illegal business here in the u.s. >> the u.s. government is doing okay with the law enforcement there making seizures this at 2375% increase in fentanyl
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related deaths. you look at what the cb pc last november paid 17500 pounds and 389 pounds of fentanyl with this in math and one tractor-trailer. it is not just out there but look what's going on in arizona. say bc bp they've seized millions of pills last week in eight days in november they seems like 5 million pills are doing a great job. arthel: is still happening is happening too much we all know this a big problem. now i want to ask you, how can the u.s. government stop the cartels before the point of sale in the u.s.? can they be more aggressive and go after the people who were in the u.s. helping the cartels? >> absolute arthel. like i said a couple of weeks ago when i was on your show, the u.s. government should have a very high level meeting with the mexican officials to pretty much a put it on the table we cannot
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continue to lose 9000 americans every month. those numbers are probably underreported because cdc statistics are not accurate. but we have to put more pressure on mexico to go after these l labs. the lab seizures are way down produce have a lot of success with the mexican marines. but because of the soft on crime policies are not after the cartel. the clear and present danger we have to go after these labs. to help mexico shut down these labs we have to do to my people are dying. arthel: absolutely. i sang the administrations doing nothing and not sticking up for them a little flabbergasted if you tell me they are doing absolutely nothing. krista nothing there doing nothing. with other types of things.
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they are not talking about this crisis, arthel but they are not telling the kids in our schools. they're not going on a social media for their not doing public service announcements. that is what we need, education for the kids so they stop using these deadly illicit substances. they are failing at the most basic level. arthel: as you know the dea logically one pill can kill campaign could look at the supply and demand we have to figure out how to decrease the demand, is there more that can be done? is there something parents can do? to be clear we are not blaming parents with the kids are doing. but go ahead, derek. >> absolutely. the parents just need the information. dea one pill can is a phenomenal resource. there are nonprofit groups all over the country. song for charlie, fentanyl groups are established by families who have lost their
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kids. there is a lot of awareness parents just need to learn a little bit more prone we are definitely not blaming the parents because kids are making mistakes but they should not be dying for mistakes. one blessing is not a red or blue issue it's red, white and blue. arthel: absolutes red, white and blue all the way circling back to the top we can sit here all day and talk about it, what can be done now at the source? is there anything that can be done? >> it depends on the leadership. at the leadership wants to they could destroy these labs immediately. we know where they are we have informants that can tell us exactly where they are and we can destroy them with really good technology. but that is got to be in at the highest levels. right now we have soft on crime policies there impacting the cities all across america. >> and derek are you saying we as the u.s. government can destroy those labs? would we not have to have the approval if you will the mexican government because they would be
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on their soil per. >> like a said we have to have a meeting down there. i am not aware is the borders are been down to mexico to talk to these officials about destroying these labs? if you have a leak of water in your house and the plumber comes over he shuts down the main valve first and you may have to figure out how to deal the flooded house when we have a flooded country with poisonous fentanyl. we have to be more aggressive. we're not doing it and that's my recommendation. arthel: believe that on your recommendation form dea special operations director thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> ukrainian officials report for people are dead including one and a half-year-old child. after one of russia's biggest rocket attacks of the war military officials say air defenses intercepted most of the 98 missiles fired this morning. but the remaining missiles because of colossal damage. nate foy is alive in kyiv with
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the latest. nay, what can you tell us? >> the seventh mass russian missile strikes on ukraine since october pre-dimension 98 missiles were fired at ukraine according to ukrainian officials which is more than what we thought it was. yesterday the set of 76 missiles only 60 of them got through. this time around they did not say exactly how many of the 98 were shot down. unfortunately were also learning to more people killed in yesterday's strike. take a look at this video for the death toll standing at four, 13 people are injured here in central ukraine including four children. and as you mentioned just heartbreaking hey one and half your boat was found underneath the rubble after being hit in his home or his parents were also killed. his older brother who survived is now an orphan. emergency crews also pulled the body of a 64-year-old woman from the wreckage overnight. her sister explains a kind of person she was, listen.
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[inaudible] >> she was lover of life. beautiful, helped everyone but how much i love you, why has this happened? >> just heartbreaking to listen too. here in kyiv it was the largest strike in the u.s. capitol throughout the war with 40 of those missiles only 37 of them got through. critical infrastructure was hit today progress is being made with water supply been restored to most residence for two thirds of kyiv residents now having electricity. president zelenskyy talked about russia's strategy on the dark and cold this winter. listen to this. >> we still have enough missiles for several such messages strikes it. we have enough determination and relief to return what is ours after the strikes.
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>> brian, or learning of more russian showing in the recently liberated city today. the governor there says two people have been killed from that showing attack. will send it back to you. >> i want to ask you this is a lot of focus on the patriot missile defense system usaid is also helping ukraine restore power obviously to its power grid. that is played a role in this how quickly things have improved essentially grid we are helping them get the lights back on. >> it's a golden eyes is john kirby said the first installment of the $53 million in u.s. energy aid for ukraine was in the country. we do have a question out to ukrainian energy officials to confirm that was used to restore power so quickly. we are seeing significant process. the power grid was out of there immediately after the attack it's fully back on as of today. >> despite all the shelling they can restore power some
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60 million people with power back on over the last 24 hours. nate foy reporting please stay safe, thank you. >> thanks brian. >> alright guys, could covid-19 originated as a chinese and buy a weapon? did the u.s. intelligence community withhold key info a former state department of fish about the disturbing findings in a house republican, that is n next. ♪ well, the stock is bubbling in the pot ♪ ♪ just till they taste what we've got ♪ [ tires squeal, crash ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive gets you right back to living the dream. now, where were we? [ cheering ] for back pain, i've always been a take two and call in the morning guy. but my new doctor recommended salonpas. without another pill upsetting my stomach, i get powerful, effective and safe relief. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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arthel: elon musk releases a sixth batch of twitter e-mails but they shall close of the fbi's allegedly work with social media executives seeking action with the agency called election misinformation. alexandria hoff has more on washington. >> in the sixth installment of the so-called twitter files independent journalists present documents he says shows twitter acting like a subsidiary of the fbi. recent list of pre-flag accounts and then taking action on them pretty called the contact constant and pervasive. taibbi goes on to describe how the wake of the 2006 election the fbi created a social media task force noticed fti f. it has swelled to 80 agents.
11:21 am
according to taibbi between genera 2020 in november of 2022 is over one or 50 e-mails between the fbi informant twitter chief roth. also provided examples of lists passed over to twitter from the fbi of accounts that warrant additional action for it twitter it replied in this case with the list of actions taken against chosen accounts. according to the fbi, twitter was under no obligation to carry those actions out. sharing in a statement the fbi regularly engages private sector entities to provide information specific to identified foreign maligned influence actors subversive undeclared or criminal activities. private sector entities independently make decisions about what if any action they take on their platform and for their customer after the fbi has notified them. twitter's internal communication been released over the course of two weeks now. elana must've signaled the
11:22 am
latest document dump may be the last at least for some time. alright alexandria hoff thank you. >> house republicans say there are indications that covid 19 may be linked to bio weapons program. the chilling finding is in a report that also accuses the intelligence community of withholding key information on the origins of the virus. top republicans say they will continue the investigation when they control the house next year. let's bring a former state department and un also former member of the rural health organization but he is on the expert committee thank you so much for being here. this report comes out the last major report that came out that it kind of a reference is the intelligence community coming out the report last year that president biden asked for that essentially indicated look, we do not know where this virus came from but we know it is not from the bio weapons program. this report seems to say there
11:23 am
are indications that could be and the intelligence community has not been honest, what you make of it? >> o'brien, the fact of the matter is three years after the outbreak we do not know how this pandemic started. there is a very significant possibility as i and others have been saying for a very long time this stems from a lab incident in wuhan. most likely an accident. the chinese government is not given us the kind of access that we need to get to the bottom of this essential question. that is the biggest problem. it could be there is some bio weapons program that went awry. there's vaccine research that went awry there could be all sorts of things but that's why we needed a full investigation. the biden administration was right in calling for multiple intelligence agencies to do a review. we need to keep digging. i do not think there's some kind of cover-up at that u.s. intelligence agencies a part of.
11:24 am
but by all means we need to keep digging and congress has an essential role to play in that process. >> only ask you this. our politicians, the ones that should be trying to figure out whether or not this thing came from wuhan. essentially both democrats and americans released reports in two different conclusions. highly political and i am wondering who can rely on world health organization has or can we get answers? >> let's break down what you just said. so starting with the world health organization the world health organization likely trump administration in the earliest days of the pandemic got off on the wrong foot by praising president xi and what was happening in china. and like in united states the world health organization has
11:25 am
shifted. right now the directorate general is one of the leaders including the possibility the lab origins of the pandemic. the biden administration took an important step calling for the intelligence review of open minded intelligence review now we have two reports pray not just the house intelligence report has issued those reports there are also helpful. they're also saying we do not know the answer. and i am a progressive democrat there is a very real possibility the pandemic stems from a lab incident in wuhan. we need a full investigation. we should all be on the same
11:26 am
side. >> what is the biggest indicator to you this came from a lab and not from an animal? >> so, this is a rare kind of coronavirus. it comes from a horseshoe bat. horseshoe bats are not in wuhan. with they have is china's first level for variola's the with the largest collection of these kinds of viruses. they were doing extremely aggressive or research including pathogenic viruses more dangerous to humans in very specific ways. the odds of this happening in wuhan of all places are extremely low in my view unless this is a lab incident. i encourage people to go to website. judge it for yourself i personally be the case for lab origin is very strong and we are all on the same side.
11:27 am
we should all be pushing for a unfettered into the pandemic's origins. this could take years. if and when will ever get that. jamie, thank you for joining us we very much appreciate you folks thank you brian. >> that's the question. the biden administration they're all in for reelection bid for 2024. anna filled with the present seeking a second term? we'll take a look at a new fox news poll that's up next.
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arthel: student at an expensive private college in new york city, they are demanding a's for everyone this year. they occupied the new school movement has a long list of demands including firing members of the school board entering the university president's house
11:32 am
into communal property. alexis mcadams is alive with more. what is going on? >> hi arthel the students want to take their into their own hands and quite a list of demand telling the teachers how they should be graded and said they are not going to back down until they all get a's for this is a look at that new school is called the new school to an expensive and private new york city university at the center of this controversy. these students handed over a list of 16 demands, arthel, to the staff after the teachers went on a month-long strike for better pay and benefits for their file that them but when the staff can back to class, the students then demanded something in return, blaming the strike for a major disruption in their learning. at the top of the students want a refund on some of their tuition. better cafeteria food should all get a's due to these disruptive or the student body spokes emigrating policy explain the great should not be impacted by their attendants and if they show up to class but with reach out to new school fox news or
11:33 am
listen closely to the student concerns is up to the faculty on how they will conduct and grade their courses. right now most of the students have left the campus or winter break the push for more of these commands could carry on when they get back to campus. we talk about this earlier and i told her it would be great if i knew in college or high school i could've told my teachers you have to give me an apron if i knew i could've done that i would've tried it. arthel: you know i love you and aisha both but i got all a's anyway. i am just saying no? alright alexis, thank you. >> i believe, arthel. disgraced ftx founder is still being held in the bahamas. so far he is the only one indicted in this collapse of the crypto exchange last month. speculation is growing about who else from his inner circle could be next appeared charles a watson live in atlanta with more on this but so many twists and
11:34 am
turns. >> hey good afternoon brian. there's a lot of focus on sam bankman fried who could beat next. we talk how bankman fried parents and former girlfriend who's really become a centerpiece to all of this. you will remember she is a former ceo hedge fund. federal prosecutors they misappropriated funds and had access to about $8 billion belonging to ftx customers are. money that is now allegedly missing. legal experts say allison could be the key to cracking this case wide open, listen. cook she of course was the head of research. to the extent as is been alleged it got the funds meaning the customer fund spreadsheet flips and she has not been charged yet i think it is game, set, match. >> 's parents could also find themselves in legal jeopardy after lawmakers and new
11:35 am
officials in charge of ftx shared this week in both the stanford law professors were heavily tangled in ftx operations ahead of its collapse. were heavily involved joseph bank men would be with his son bankman fried to capitol meetings the parents have not been civil cases. that bank men free to use customer funds to buy millions of dollars of real estate in the bahamas for himself and other company execs as well as his parents. ftx new ceo says he is investigating the companies relationship with both parents. >> we are investigating that as well as any other players. we indicated mr. brinkman did not give legal advice records had been an employee of ftx hasn't been reported?
11:36 am
>> i don't know if he has an employee status he certainly received payments -- the family did receive payments. >> both democrats and republicans also receive payments in the form of campaign contributions that prosecutors say were illegal paired fox news has confirmed the democratic congressional campaign committee is setting aside $250,000 of those allegedly illegal donations and are awaiting government guidance in terms of what they should do with those funds. >> that is the key question. what should be done with those funds? the last part of the stories incredible her her charles watson thank you for that. arthel: fox news both had noticeable appetite for present biden sitting in the white house. 64% say they do not want mr. biden to run for reelection in 2024. let's bring in doctor lauren
11:37 am
wright political scientist at christian university. though fox news poll aside for a second period is the majority of the democratic party behind present biden for second term? >> yes they are in a sense of. there is mixed to polling shows a lot of people want an alternative. the bottom line is probably that of biden once to run and runs, he will not receive much of a challenge at all. i think the actual real mess for democrats as if biden does not run. because then anointing a successor is really complicated and awkward. democrats are essentially choosing among candidates who biden arty beaten 2020 are virtually unknown or controversial a variety of reasons. if given a choice i cannot see democrats not going with the incumbent president. see floods let's go to the list for instance a present biden is not run for second term let's look at the most likely 2024
11:38 am
democratic presidential field. here we go, vice president kamala harris, got transfer terry secretary buttigieg, congressman rashan of california. california governor gavin newsom. michigan governor gretchen whitmer. is there a front runner in this group do you think? >> traditionally and according to recent history you would think it will be vice president kamala harris. they do typically dorsal presidents. frankly arthel i don't if i see that happening. is less popular in the present himself to the tune of about six points. my research shows that's really unusual. she is less popular than her vice presidential predecessors. there has been reporting throughout her whole career about her office and mismanagement. whether it's turnover, leaking, managing finances.
11:39 am
arthel: just for second, i cannot speak up for her office management way back when she was in california. i do not want to get into that right now. i want to speak to her as vice president. we understand there was concern in question as to how everything has run inside of that. i'm not sure of its people skills or what have you. but sticking to this particular points if not vice president harris then who? anybody? >> so again you have a choice between people biden already beaten soundly. go to buttigieg would be one of those. he won the caucus the very first iowa caucus. but he might be held responsible for republicans in congress were about to look into how transportation funds were doled out as part of the infrastructure package. so we are caught in this problem in american politics were it is too early to tell quite what
11:40 am
comes up and whose record will be examined. it would be very awkward if a buttigieg was endorsed by the biden administration over kamala harris who is a sitting vice president and parents. those are bunch of situations they might not want to get themselves into every other gubernatorial candidates you mentioned whitmer and newsom won handily. they have a lot of scrutiny over how they handle covid respectively in the states. those records will come up. many candidates people don't really know who he is. >> really quickly or time but who can win in the general burlesque on the gop side. it's at the governor of florida ron desantis over the former president donald trump? who can win the general? >> a trumpet running a nightmare for republicans frankly. he probably cannot win a national election. however we all remember 2016
11:41 am
when there's this huge primary field which is probably what republicans are looking at ag again. trump came in with 92 name recognition and took up all the oxygen in the room. republicans should not be mistaken they get obsolete fall into the field. but desantis so far is really built an impressive record without the scrutiny of presidential will absently br bring. once the likely announces. >> there is a long time you better watch out on everything. thank you doctor lauren wright for joining us here today, take care. our riot. nearly five weeks into the idaho college murder mystery investigators say they have gotten surveillance video from multiple businesses in moscow, idaho and other nearby towns. matt finn is live in moscow with
11:42 am
the latest, matt. >> hi brian, despite the surveillance video coming in the killer or killers are still on the loose. here on campus today is likely one of what will be many bittersweet days. finals ended yesterday. so naturally many students are going home to their loved ones. we know for the student through the university of idaho are not returning home to their families and friends. kayleigh was expected to walk across the stage at the end of the semester. that did not happen but here on campus i spoke to a friend, the friend works at the same greek restaurant with us murder victims used to work. did not want to go on camera but she tells me so many of the mundane things she's doing at work basically rolling silverware, cleaning tables, whom i never lost friends. this morning the killer or killers are at large. the only piece of information the police have released is asking the public to bend the
11:43 am
lookout for that 2011 -- 2013 along trait honda. they say that was there the night of the murder. >> the information that we have received about the car is that it was there. the license plate is unknown. we do not know who owns the car. we need information from anybody who might connect us with who was in the car that night. so that can be anything ranging from someone who just happen to be there to whatever you might imagine. >> back here on university by her campus the town is clearing out. the moscow police chief said that present a challenge for they lose the ability to physically question people and a person or perhaps someone who is here on campus who wanted to give a tip or provide some evidence is no longer here. police insist they have and investigators all over this country who can meet up with someone and question them in any moment i will keep you updated.
11:44 am
>> police shifting through registered andrea launches their mfn think you only will be right back. after years of chasing the big idaho potato truck... i finally caught it. oh man. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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arthel: fox news confirming sharon osbourne was rushed to the hospital in southern california last night. the ventura county fire department told fox news a digital 13 responded to a quote medical call at the glen tavern in around 6:30 p.m. on friday. and transported one patient to santa paula hospital. the 7-year-old osborne's current condition is unknown. again sharon ozment was rushed to hospital in southern company last night. of course will bring you any developments as we get them, brian. >> debate over the ultimate penalty and outraging in oregon after the democratic governor commuted the sentences of all 17 people on the states death row. critics on both sides of the
11:49 am
issues speaking out about the controversial decision. christina coleman is following the product for us. >> brian several weeks left in office kate brown used for executive clemency powers to commute the sentence of 17 inmates on death row to life in prison without parole. convicted murderer christian was sentenced to death for the brutal december 2001 killings of his wife and three children. under the governor's new order he will no longer be on death row. the father of the woman killed call the governor's decision wrong the party also noted the governor's order went into effect close to the anniversary of the murders of his daughter and his grandchildren in a statement he said quote every single year we cannot find in every time christmas rolls around but we think about this. we have our scrapbooks in our pictures we go through them around this time we realize these people are gone they're gone forever for organs house or
11:50 am
publican later echoed the sentiment. >> i think the message ascends at christmas time to the victims families is a harsh one. it is very hard to move through a holiday season knowing your loved ones is not with you you draw the ability and something of this nature of this time of the year is doubly harsh to those victims families. >> organs on a death row execution since 1997. it's 115 states have not had executed anyone in the last five years. despite criticism governor kate brown stands by her action. since he took office has continued organs moratorium to commute the death of those sentences she said quote this computation is not based on any rehabilitation effort by individuals on death row. instead it reflects the recognition of the death penalty
11:51 am
is immoral it is their reversible punishment not allow for its waste of taxpayer dollars cannot make safer cannot be never has been administered fairly and equitably. the governor's order just went into effect on wednesday. >> casino: you we will be right back. ♪ tensions were high. luckily, replacement costumes were shipped with fedex. which means mr. harvey could picture the perfect night. we're ready for the holidays, so you're ready for what's next. [applause] i'm not a doctor. i'm not even in a doctor's office. i'm standing on the streets talking to real people about their heart. how's your heart? my heart's pretty good. you sure? -i think so. how do you know? you're driving a car, you have the check engine light, but the heart doesn't have a "hey, check heart" sign.
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arthel: airports across america are packed with travelers. but the faa warning not everyone is going to get to their destination on time. fox whether brandy campbell live at miami international airport. how's it looking, brandy? participant a very busy day here in miami. that's expected with the holidays coming up. a theological speed walking some long lines at tsa put one or 60000 people are expected to travel to miami today. lucky for them this is not the hectic part. that's expected to start this friday before christmas break 17-point to million expected to fly into the new year. right now keeping an eye on weather impacts, the faa currently flagging a airports in the northeast having to deice the planes which could cause some delays for spokesperson family airport explains how impacts and other places can alter your flight.
11:56 am
>> even of the weather may be great here it's ripple effect with winter weather, snow storms, delaying aircraft's or getting to the airport where it is coming from is a delay in the aircraft getting here. with so many connecting lights that can be a challenge. went to stay in close contact with the airlines do not assume the weathers and miami flights going to be in town for it could be affected by flights of other places in the country. cox alright, make sure prepared for your flight and all those good tips to get you there smoothly, arthel per. >> high indeed. got to prepare, brandy thanks so much. you take care. all right, brian i hope you're not going anywhere because you won't get the part you usually go to miami. going yes or no record? >> yes that is right. we are back at what 4:00 p.m. today eastern?
11:57 am
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paul: welcome to the editorial report. i'm paul gigot. federal reserve raising interest rates to the highest level in 15 years as fed chairman jerome powell warns more increases will be necessary to bring in inflation but as recession fears grow the biden administration is strike an optimistic tone. treasury secretary janet yellen saying in wall street journal op-ed the president has the


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